bottlejack press

from kit buckley


one hundred forty-eight dead monsters

a list of dead trademarks last owned by monster energy company

spaghetti magazine #1: the greatest living painter in america

the true story of the summer i met the greatest living painter in america

new frontiers in materials science #26: string

a science book for children


an arrow can lose its feathers but not its point


other writing

tennessee adoxographic

a newsletter about the 1982 world's fair in knoxville, tennessee and its key piece of themed architecture, the sunsphere

the unbearable weight

i am going to watch every nicholas cage film

open review quarterly

some things i contributed to my friends' online journal

other stuff

all that summer you could hear a howling

a generative story

your balcony, maybe five years ago

a web poem

cha cha strategies

simple solutions for contemporary problems