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from kit buckley

one hundred forty-eight dead monsters

a list of dead monster energy trademarks

while going deep in the weeds doing research for spaghetti magazine #2, i kept coming across bizarre trademarks that had been registered by the monster energy company. this zine is a collection of the trademarks last owned by either monster energy company or hansen beverage company (what the company was known as before it became monster in 2012) that contain "monster" and which have not been use and so have lapsed or are - in the words of the united states patent and trademark office - dead. they all sound like products that for whatever reason never made it to market. featuring monster engravings by matthäus merian (1593-1650).

8 pages. you can see the full list of dead monster trademarks here.

148 dead monsters front cover 148 dead monsters inside spread 148 dead monsters back cover