bottlejack press

from kit buckley


bottlejack press is the printed and written works of kit buckley. sometimes some of the things on this site will be for sale and if so, they'll have a link to where to get them. otherwise, maybe just shoot me an email and we can arrange a trade or something maybe.

my senior year of college or the summer right before, my friend amelia took me over to the art school and showed me how screenprinting worked and i was so fascinated that i took the last bit of my summer research stipend down to plaza art and bought a screen, a squeegee, some screen filler, and some ink. that fall i made screenprints in my dorm room, washing the screen out afterwards in the dorm showers, totally in secret. i don't know why i was so sneaky about it. i gave a print to my friend nate at his housewarming party but then refused to talk about it the rest of the night. i was such a lil weirdo.

shortly after college it became even harder to consistently make screen prints so i built a bottle jack press to do linoleum prints. a bottle jack press is a frame that you can put a car jack inside of and use the force of the jack to make prints. i pulled a lot of prints in my bottle jack press. i still have the press but it's been a few years now since i've pulled any prints with it. it's probably about time i broke it out again.

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